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Are you wondering about the relevance and impact of your current communication strategy? Does it serve your reputation and e-reputation as well as your business and managerial objectives? What are your communication expectations to meet your challenges, objectives and needs?

What are the gaps between the desired objectives and the results obtained? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your communication strategy? What are its shortcomings?

What would be your possible levers for action to improve your communication (content, form) and establish/improve your reputation, and visibility? Do you know the current trends and good practices among your competitors?

Shakers Makers solutions

As experts in the field of communication, we would like to help you answer these questions. To do this, we offer an audit, based on in-depth analysis, which will detail your strategic and methodological action plan for the current and/ or coming year, scalable and adjustable to better serve your reputation and increase your attractiveness.

An audit is a reference document that establishes an initial and evolving roadmap, made in the light of thorough qualitative and quantitative analysis of what already exists, as neutral and as exhaustive as possible.

It allows to carry out a critical analysis (strengths, weaknesses) of the current reputation of your company, to identify and orient the key elements in accordance with its positioning and also to propose new approaches while capitalizing on the most relevant tools already developed in-house or to be developed in the future (print media, videos, photos, social networks, etc.).

A customized communication plan will highlight and put into practice the recommendations selected during the audit, by providing concrete strategic and operational solutions with an adapted methodology.

Technical tools


  • Market analysis
  • Key success factors
  • Differentiation
  • Marketing mix
  • SWOT
  • 4P
  • Omnichannel communication plan





4-Flight Programme

Analysis and recommandation of a 2020-2022 strategic intern and extern communication plan with visit of the 5 regional centers and team meeting.

LinkedIn Digital Communication

English spoken project

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the existing and proposal of an action plan, coupled with training of management teams at the headquarters in Paris and by videoconference with the subsidiaries in Shanghai, New York and London.

Smart Cities

Identification of private and public major actors of Toulouse Metropole and organization of one-to-one strategic meetings between Akka representatives and the main major players, reports writing.

Reputation and Corporate Identity

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of their global communication (strategic review and lever for actions) and annual support in Strategy.




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    After validation of your new strategy and the communication plan, we invite you to discover the following offer from Shakers Makers, which will consist of setting up and structuring the essential field operations to concretize your strategy into a  project.