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Do you want to organize a conference, a Users Group, a workshop, a round table, a seminar, a congress, an evening debate, etc…? Are you willing to attract new talents for your company and you are planning to create a dedicated HR event for it?

Workshops, communication training sessions or group coaching (public speeches, pitchs, media-training, understanding social networks, etc.) would be relevant and essential for you. The priority of Shakers Makers is to remain by your side to support you in the success of your event communication.

Shakers Makers solutions

Our personalities and international professional experiences have enabled us to carry out large-scale projects, which, naturally, have led us to specialize in the coordination and management of global projects, and in particular of B2B scientific events and RH.

Beyond the logistical coordination of an event, our specialization lies in the scientific and technical understanding of the subjects covered, which allows us to interact as effectively and immersive as possible with our customers and to be by their side for the entire duration of operations. We thus ensure complete control and management of your event and the smooth running of actions.

Our actions are structured and carried out at the right tempo, the right timing, and in compliance with the validated budget.

We are a dynamic, responsive, agile, efficient and caring team. We pay particular attention to the good understanding and well-being of each of the stakeholders.

Technical tools by Shakers Makers

  • Technical team management (scenography audiovisual…)
  • Logistics (Invitations, promotion, targeting, welcome of participants, catering, VIP dinners, Networking sessions, accommodation, transfers …)
  • Management of scientific and technical content in close collaboration with the scientific committee (Master driver, animation, keynote presentations (content, form), coaching, etc.)
  • The use of collaborative tools for events/interactive/constructive work meetings and the optimization of information sharing upstream, during and post-event
  • Creation of post-event reports (quali-quanti), satisfaction surveys with participants
  • PAO Adobe Creative Cloud tools use (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat)


Thales Users Group and Market places

English spoken project

Global logistical coordination and organisation, scientific programme and presentations content and design management, communication supports event Identity, session and round table animation.
Location and dates : Budapest 2018 - 3 days - 150 International delegates / Madrid 2019 - 1 day - 25 international participants. With the support of Partners carefully selected.

World Air Traffic Management Congress (WAC)

English spoken project

Presence onsite and harmonisation (content/design) of the scientific presentations.
Location and dates : Madrid 2018/2019/2020 - 3 days. With the support of Partners carefully selected

ICARE International Conference on Airborne Research

English spoken project

Organized in collaboration with the Airborne research community including NASA, NCAR (Center for
Atmospheric Research) and ESA (European Space Agency).
Logistical coordination and Global Communication and dissemination activities (logo, brochure, newsletters, interviews, photos, social media, press relations and scientific coordination with speakers presentations (content/design)).
Location and dates : Munich 2017 at DLR - 3 days - + 175 participants.

AeroMetSci International Conference

English spoken project

Creation of all Communication supports dedicated to the conference (brochure, posters, logo, kakemono, roll-ups, ppt design presentations), presence onsite to support « Poster
sessions ».
Location and dates: Toulouse 2017 - 200 participants - 2 days. With the support of Partners carefully selected.



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